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           //)                     (\`\
           /  /                        \  \
           /    /                          \    \
           /_/'   '/_          _`\'   '\_`\
        /'/    /    /    /  /\        /\ _\   \    \    \' \
       ('(             ./'   ')     ('   '\.     `    `     )')
        \                 '     /        \                     /'\' 
               \'   \           _.            `._             /   '/'      
04/25/05---Out to China for the sux.--rz

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Site History

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

Making a few renovations, added a few poems. Gonna put up some more interesting convos later, but unfortunately Henry won't let me put up Phung getting pissed at him...which was a pretty damn funny convo.--12/22/04

Been a little neglectful recently, but finally archived the past three months. It's now been over two years since the inception of this site and over 1 year since I made the blog page. Still got 7 megs to go...--09/04/04

Added link to GoDsiege clan.--06/29/04

Switched to Ev's service since Wallace's is so shitty.--05/11/04

Added new tagboard since Activetopic doesn't seem to be coming back...--05/11/04

Added link to prom pics.--05/10/04

Archived April's blog entries.--05/02/04

Moved PI page music to AIM convos and changed PI music to "eyes on me" from FF7.--04/28/04

Archived March entries.--04/01/04

Stupid Tripod mass delete feature wasn't working so had to delete the February entries one by one to archive...but, it's done.--03/23/04

Fixed up the layout alittle...and then removed a GIF and added the Microsoft Final Solution one, which seems to be more fitting since everything I need has to require the stupid Service Pack, which I don't want since people have been saying it's so crappy. Like most other Microsoft stuff...=sigh=...if only their software were more stable like Macs. Oh well...--03/21/04

Updated the new desktop pic. Also added a new page for AIM convos b/c Wallace says many self-incriminating things.--2/22/04

Added a couple more room pics. One of blanket, and one of my floor. Floor's not that great...--2/10/04

Failed attempt to stream mp3. Archived January entries.--2/3/04

Made comp pics in contact page into links so viewing enlarged pics is now possible.--1/16/04

Started tagging dates/times for blogs with red.--1/4/04

Archived December's blogs...and fresh, uncramped page again.--1/1/04

Added a counter on the Blog page...--12/31/03

Removed some downloads that were taking up too much space and got December's entries ready for archiving. Damn 20 megs isn't enough...but if I got rid of the Gatsby rap then I'd be using only 10/20 megs...decent...but I still feel cheated...also added my bittorent link...pretty good considering most of the good stuff has at least 10 seeds and a bunch have at least 50.--12/30/03

Relabeled subtext in pictures and setup new sound theme in some pages...--12/14/03

Changed music themes a little, added Calculus review, added a new poem, and did some minor changes. Things should load faster now. So far that's been the only complaint.--12/13/03

Added more pics and made a banner to match each page...edited some cg's with photoshop...--11/26/03 (2 in the fucking morning...)

ok...the old tagboard started fucking up after I somehow exceeded my bandwidth (of like 5 gigs)...dunno how...but things have cleared up and suddenly overnight I seem to have gotten like 200 I setup a new tagboard cuz stupid flooble or something that lily uses sucks crap and evelyn's is the only decent one I've I jacked best work now...--11/24/03

  1. Click on Start, then click Search, then click For Files or Folders...
  2. Enter "av.exe" into the search box (without quotes).
  3. Delete files named "av" or "av.exe" ONLY. Do not delete other files with 'av' as part of the file name.
  4. Click on Start, then click Run...
  5. Enter "regedit" (without quotes).
    WARNING: Editing the registry of your computer could be dangerous. Goto File/ Export to save the registry to another location as a backup. MAKE SURE you back up your registry first or you might fuck something up. Browse to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run"
  6. Delete the "Antivirus" Key with a value of "c:\av.exe"
  7. Browse to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Explorer Bars\{Random Numbers}\FilesNamedMRU"
  8. Delete the "000" Key with a value of "av.exe"
  9. Close Regedit.
  10. Click on Start, then click on Control Panel.
  11. Double-click on the Internet Options control panel.
  12. Change your default home page.
  13. Reset your buddy profile in AIM.
  14. Reboot your computer. --11/20/03

Updated some new pics to change the look a bit. Also added a little thumbnail of my desktop. Whoop dee fucking doo.--11/17/03

Ok...the serial/cdkey list has been compiled, though the M section is missing. Other than that, this thing's probably over 1000 pages. Quite a large list, if you ask me. Some of the stuff may be outdated, the the most up-to-date software won't be on it. For one, it would be extremely difficult to update such complete a list on a regular basis. Now, if you want a copy, send me an IM and I'll see what I can do. --11/12/03

Found the mother lode of serial #'s and cdkeys. I mean this is like 1000 pages of keys...for nearly every program imaginable. Some of the stuff is a little outdated, but I can see how difficult it must be to update such an archive...I mean wow...Well, I'm doing a compilation of it so that it'll be ready for distribution. So far, I'm about halfway done with it, and I have keys 1-9 and A-N. After I'm done, I plan to zip and lock the Word files and spread it around for some $$...If anyone wants some keys, ask me.--11/11/03

Reworked music scheme a bit. Webpage effects and sound seems to match much better now. Some files have also been altered and re-uploaded. A few more minor additions, but not too much new stuff. Other than the pics of my upgraded comp, there really isn't too much that I added.--11/07/03

Made archives for past entries in the blog and fixed a few more cosmetic blemishes on the page. More updates will the end of this year Bio2 notes will also be up in zipped format (passcoded of course). For sale of course. And no doubt Henry of Chris or any of their affiliates are gonna be asses about it and steal away some of MY hard earned capital...Laterz...--8/27/03

I know the downloads page has been a little messier than usual, but that's becuz I didn't really have much time to do stuff recently. Hopefully, this summer will provide ample times to clean things up and get this site back on track. Beginning this endeavor will be a blog page. I've realized that it's much more convenient to have my blog on my webpage instead of making a link to it from xanga or something. Besides, I got some room on the server; not to mention that shifting between different pages on my website is actually faster than traveling to it through a link or something. That's been one of the things I've been trying to keep. Another major change is that I've removed the midi library links cuz it's gonna take forever for me to upload all my midi and also I only have so much space for my website. Of course, you can always donate some cash so I can bump up the bandwidth and provide more files...Laterz --07/09/03

Gonna start new blog page today. Much more convenient than making one on xanga or something. Also, fixing things up graphically and stuff. Tonight's gonna be a night of catching up on this. As a final remark, I've removed the midi library page because it's too much effort to setup the library and I don't have the time or webspace for it.--5/29/03

Uploaded serial7000, the mother lode of cdkeys and serial cracks. Very large file, and I spent the effort to upload it. Also, uploaded english figurative language vocab words. From now on, I'll prolly be splitting the uploads half and half, meaning more hackware going up as I get em. Although the best is still for me ;-)...-5/6/03

***Astroworld labs are in the downloads page below the spinning arrow. You need a pw to access the .zip file, and basically this is for those people who are supposed to receive it. If you really want it, then just dl it and call me or IM and we'll see what we can do.*** Got new comp over spring break =) Specs are: P4 2.53 ghz, 533 fsb, 120 gb 7200 rpm hd, custom case, 350 watt blue illuminated power supply, ati radeon pro 128 mb ddram, linksys ethernet card, modem card, sb audigy 2, sony dvd RW drive, 16x dvd ROM drive, floppy, thermometer on case, 6 usb 2.0 and 1 firewire port, rear and front audio, 512 mb ddram. Also, b/c of new comp, I'm not allowed to play games anymore (damn shame too). For UT 2003 and WC3 cdkeys and other stuff, IM me and I'll see what I can do...Laterz

Got new comp over spring break =) Specs are: P4 2.53 ghz, 533 fsb, 120 gb 7200 rpm hd, custom case, 350 blue illuminated power supply, ati radeon pro 128 mb ddram, linksys ethernet card, modem card, sb audigy 2, sony dvd RW drive, 16x dvd ROM drive, floppy, thermometer on case, 6 usb 2.0 and 1 firewire port, rear and front audio, 512 mb ddram. Also, b/c of new comp, I'm not allowed to play games anymore (damn shame too). For UT 2003 and WC3 cdkeys and other stuff, IM me and I'll see what I can do.--4/22/03

Haven't updated the webpage in a while, but I haven't the time. For second semester, I'll be putting up updated final exam reviews when the time comes. For now, I've still got some in the downloads section. I might not even have to update them. And lo and behold, 1540 =).--3/3/03

January 25, 2003-the big day...-1/17/03

Have final reviews complete for World History H (Clark), Chemistry 1 H, and English III AP with Hemme. Should have Harrison's US History review done pretty soon, so keep an eye out for it. Also fixed the Rich Text problem that most of you have been having. Reformatted the screwed up files into Word and I think that fixed the problem. If not, then just IM me. Good luck on finals all.-- 12/12/02

Finals are arriving!!! Those who wish semester reviews, either download them or for more, contact me. I plan to make some more for Junior classes, but they won't come cheap :).--11/15/02

Might even get my second poem published too...time will tell...Hemme really hates me :) What she started, I'm going to finish...hehe...she got me by surprise today, but she going to get confused very very soon :)-11/8/02

Not gonna be able to do much for a while...PSAT coming up and I NEED to get at least 220. Writing's gonna screw me as always. -- 10/5/02

Fixed a few minor cosmetic errors. Haven't had much time to really work on webpage yet. However, I'm still trying to find a reliable Bio review... I know lotta people wanna get their hands on one of those... --9/13/02

Midi library page has been created. Need a few more days to a week before I get some of the files up and running. The limit's of education...--9/5/02

Spent half the afternoon putting up decent midi on all the pages. I think the music is decent, but if you don't, then sucks for you. A midi library should be up soon for download cuz putting up one doesn't really take up that much space...just takes alotta time. --9/3/02

Finish uploading the History and Chem final reviews for both semesters. They are now available in the downloads page. --8/22/02

For freshmen who need the Chem H review and Clark's World History review, they're all available for downloads except for Clark's first semester review, which will be up soon. Price is $2.00 per review. --8/21/02

For those of you who wish to know what the f-word really means, go to the philosophical theories page to see for yourself. This information has not yet been completely confirmed, but it seems pretty reliable to me. --8/12/02

Flying lessons have been updated and completed. For those who wish to learn how to fly, go to the philosophical theories section of the webpage for instructions. The entire course has been broken down into 3 lessons for convenience and is an exerpt from a reliable source, also with my notorious input. -- 7/31/02

"The Anime Freak is probably the most common, and one of the most annoying. You can usually spot a few warning signs to let you identify them before it's too late: they wear the same exact Evangelion shirt every day, they have more than one anime key chain on their person, they wear glasses, they say phrases in Japanese that they obviously don't understand (such as "Yes! I will never forgive you!"), they refer to you as "-chan", make obscure Japanese culture references during class, and usually fail class. You have to be extremely careful not to let them smell pity or fear on you, because if they do they will immeadiately latch onto you and suck up both your time and patience, leaving only a lifeless husk. Desperate for human companionship, they will invite you to club meetings, anime showings, conventions, and all other sorts of various things you don't care about." ...damn obssessed bastards...--7/29/02

Parents always get ideas... --7/26/02

New page poetic injustice has been added. That's about all I guess. --7/23/02

Back from Europe, had a nice time, and now have to start studying again. 5 on Calculus AP. I NEVER want to see ham again. It's all the the Europeans eat. Breakfast- ham and bread. Lunch-Pork chops. Dinner-ham and bread and pork chops. Damn bastards. Also, from now on, all links to other pages will be in the box on the right side of this page beneath the globe. Only a few for now. --7/22/02

Well, now Jas has seen my skillz and wants to make him a webpage for his damn band. So, I'm going to be doing that for a while and neglecting my own :(
. Who gives a damn. --7/2/02

I didn't know Papa John's Pizza came with a free newpaper too...

While in chess club today, there was a debate over whether or not they should vote for officers today or not. Although there was only 11 people there, they thought that the people in there at the moment were the most loyal people. This escalated into a conflict revolving around a freshman jackass and a sophmore guy. Poor bastards. Little did they know, I was only there to try to snatch a position as an officer and pay right before the election cuz I wasn't even a member. Unfortunately, the damn real officer decided to postpone it till next year when even more jackass freshmen could vote and run. Waste of time I'll say.--5/21/02

I was asked today if chili dumplings were something that Chinese ate. Being Chinese, I promptly replied yes. However, it led me to ask myself, "Do Chinese people really eat spicy dumplings?" My initial belief was yes they do. After a while, I realized that that's not necessarily true. Maybe Sechuan people eat spicy dumplings, but I've never heard of chili dumplings being a traditional delicacy, have you? I mean, dumplings are dumplings, but chili dumplings? Chinese people don't eat that. Thank god I live in the USA. At least here I can leave in peace knowing that there won't be some Asian chef after me with a fork and pan.--5/20/02


Recently, Clements has been under construction while attaching a new science wing. It turns out that fencing was added around the construction zone as an "added precaution" for the safety of students. If that's the case, why is there barbed wire along the fence? I fail to recognize the safety potential in their idea. Besides, they managed to put barbed wire on only part of the fence, and regular fencing on the others. What kind of logic is that? It doesn't provide safety for students and it's stupid all at once. But then again, that's why they're not the sharpest tools in the shed.--5/19/02

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